Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Writer’s Block

It has been a very loooonnngg time since I wrote anything; anything. There have been many well-wishers who wanted to see new posts in this blog. Though there were many topics in my mind, I just couldn’t make myself write. A classic case of writer’s block.

I am one of those kind who can’t write just like that. I usually write when I strongly feel about a topic. It can be about a very silly incident or about something I recently read. Once the seeds have been planted, it takes some more time, after debating and crossing off points in my mind, before I finally put it down on a piece of paper. And exam season has always been the right time for writing anything new. That’s why you will find in my old college notebooks, the egg-shell remains of many of my articles and poems. I wont say I hate studying but it certainly isn’t something that I look forward to when I reach home. Given the fact that I have a very low concentration (maybe second only to my bad memory), it isn’t very long before my mind drifts off to some topic in mind. With no one to disturb you (as I am studying for my exams!!!) I end up discussing the outline of a new article in mind and when the urge to put it down in writing becomes strong, I just do it…

The past few months, I haven’t been feeling such an urge. And I purposefully encouraged it too. I wasn’t feeling very confident about my seventh semester preparations and I didn’t want any new brainwave to cause havoc. But now that the exams have been postponed I have decided to do some writing. Right now I have uploaded two articles I had written nearly one year back and have been published in If you ask me why I have put old wine in new bottle; it’s simply because like wine these too have only increased in significance, with age. If you go through the articles you’ll find that the situation discussed is much the same even today. And some of my points have been proved true over the last one year. Before I pass out from CET, you can expect a more comprehensive and detailed article covering all the points mentioned in these two along with my final observations and inferences.

Now coming to my new article, I am thinking about re-writing an old one. It’s titled “Dear God, what colour is thy hair?” As you might have guessed, it has got something to do with God and His existence. I had written one under this title some years back, but it never saw the daylight. I lost that paper too. So I want to re-write that and add some more points, which I have garnered since then. Expect this in this blog in a few days.

I certainly will try to write regularly. There was a feeling of void and tastelessness in the last few months and I realise it’s because I haven’t been writing anything. I’ll try…

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