Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Dear God, what colour is thy hair?

I am in a dilemma. I can’t write more on this topic. It isn’t a lack of time or words. Something more personal. Still, I had promised to write on this topic. And so let me just give you the gist of my feelings.

Do I believe in God? Yes and No. I don’t believe there is a body or a figure or a force which is omnipotent and omnipresent. But I believe in ‘a God’ for my survival. Read on….

With closed eyes and folded hands what do we pray for daily? Knowledge.. Happiness.. Love.. Peace.. Wealth.. Health.. In short, we pray for everything we don’t know the definite path to. If there were no diseases and all were blessed with longevity, would we have prayed for good health? If we knew how to make money (I don’t know how much that is) then would we have prayed for it?

God, for me, thus, represents the sum total of all the ‘Knowledge we Lack’. There are plenty of things we have found out about this universe. But many still remain as mysteries. Some exist as superstitions while some others continue to surprise us as miracles. It’s this ignorance and the helplessness there-of that makes us plead before the Almighty daily.

God is the elusive secrets and knowledge of this universe and prayers & religion provide us with a path to try and reach it. To uncover everything, and become omnipotent. We will need thousands of years more for that.

If there doesn’t exist a super-powerful being who is omnipotent and omnipresent, why should I believe in one? The reason is more psychological than logical. Besides air, water and food humans require one more fundamental entity for sane existence – Hope. When facing defeat, when no forward path is to be seen, it’s hope that pushes us forward. When we pray to God, we expect Him to rescue us from the situation, like a fictional super hero. Belief in such a super hero will give support to our minds and will help us see through any situation.

I have explained my Yes and No, I hope.

The Last Ink Drop: There was a brief, very brief, period in my life, because of a string of defeats in a single day, I became an atheist. I stopped praying and refused to enter temples. But this didn’t last long. I am after all human and I too need support. I became a believer again, quickly. And as for the colour of God’s hair – he’s bald.


chandrakumar said...

manasilaakunathu valathum ezhuthade

sreejith said...


hehe.. angane ellaam ellavarkum eppozhum manasilaakanam ennu illaa. The theory I have put forward here is from my experiences. Too bad you cant relate to that.