Saturday, 4 August 2007

Shadows of Dusk

At the shadows of Dusk,

the rider slowed.

A solitary sparrow streaked home,

mindless of the tepid wind,

blowing to the setting sun.

Orange crimson shades of glow

danced in the wind,

delightfully painting the earth and leaves.

Behind a crimson veil,

a shy-moon waited

for the weary sun to sleep.

“O ye Dusk,

sweet lass of sun and moon;

a virgin you will always awake as

for, for my senses to satiate

you never linger till I sleep”.


Ere you

feel the quiver in my breath,

see the plea in my eyes, or

hear the hints in my voice;

you run

to hide behind your mother,

the moon, in her darkness cloak.

W'ere you afraid

I'll ever see you not

worthy of the sighs I made?

Thy beauty, thy etherealness,

was it my making;

thy exclusivity

guiding a wanton desire.


The crimson clouds,

with hidden tears in frozen veils,

never showed their colour.

Before I could touch,

tell you the name in my heart, and

smile a tearless farewell,

they came down

pouring, and pouring,

soaking my gaze.

Lashing my brows, my eye-

lashes they fall,

making her naught...

making her noth .....

Knew these were, my

last moments dear;

would you have shown me

those moments lost?


The shadows have darkened

and outlines forgotten.

Alone into this night

I ride on...

The Last Ink-Drop : This post, in many ways, is the epilogue of a few plays in my life. It is as much fiction as it isn't. Don't bother searching for the prints on the sand. You would be confused.

Tomorrow, when I leave Trivandrum for Bangalore, an important phase in my life will be coming to an end. Happy and Satisfied - two words to describe my life till now. Everything and everyone has been kind to me. And now future is calling... baby steps for the moment...

I don't know whether the corporate world will give me enough time to put up another post here. Hopefully this won't be the last ink drop from my pen.. Ciao for the time being