Sunday, 8 April 2007

Misunderstanding Missing

This post is to set the records straight. I got brick-bats and bouquets for my last article. While all blasted me for describing CET as lifeless, almost all agreed with me that it isn't exactly what we thought it would be. CET does lack something. I am not here to argue more on that.

An anonymous reader raised the topic of batch mates and the unbreakable relationships we all have made. "They do shape our lives in many ways than one and most of the time without us realizing", he goes on to say. Very true.

vyali Vishnu said, "...Between I made a hell lot of unbreakable personal relations here."

chandru commented, "… about CET spirit how will you feel wen you meet another guy from CET after few years?. i bet u wil feel a connection.."

As the wait for my course to get over continues, these comments and words seem to become bolder and more meaningful. Many misunderstood my last post about not missing CET, as not missing my friends. This is what I wanted to clarify.

I WILL SORELY MISS MANY OF MY CLASSMATES... A good number of them will be with me at Bangalore. Hopefully the malls and parks there will play hosts for our get-togethers. But an even larger number of them will be in other places like Chennai, Pune and even Trivandrum. When I said I won't be missing CET much when I leave here in a few months' time, I never meant my classmates. The recent class tour has only reaffirmed my apprehensions - I'll sorely miss many of them. I'll miss them as individuals, but not certainly as my class.

A pic from the recent S8 tour

We started off as a class of 60. Truly Heterogeneous. Guys and gals from all nook and corners of Kerala; some mallus from outside too. Did all links fall in place immediately? No. It took time. MHites and LHites grouped quicker. And so as to prove the saying, "Birds of the same feather flock together", true; by the end of first year there were 10-15 groups in class. As time progressed some groups merged, few rearranged and some even split to form smaller ones. In between we lost a few of our mates to death and studies.

A video made from S3-S8 tour pics by somali

Silent ones (a smile.. at most a monosyllable), some who never stop making chalus, other few who rarely ever come to class (and when they do come, 9 out of 10 times it will be a strike), eccentric characters (all are, in a way), mood-swingers (self-explanatory), people who describe themselves as Kings (and Queens) of adichukittal, dead serious first benchers and least bothered back benchers. When the situation demands (or offers), these people transform into bujis, vaynokkis, couples, singers, cricket players, thadiyan, dancers, alamban, pianists, rock lovers, lunch-skippers and madiyan. And among us we are somali, psycho, AC, bajjo, LP, suru, pandu, SRK, mandhu, mandan, atj, AMC, kochu, dasan, lathettan, aprem, annie johny, hameed, prasannan, clintu, maathachan, chogu, suniyandi, chandru, twins (ashamed to admit that even after 4 years I still cant say which is Rajesh and which is Rakesh) and so on... the list is too long. Describing each person, as a friend of mine wanted me to do, is a task I won't be able to do justice to. So I leave it here.

The Last Ink-Drop : Vishnu summarised it correctly,

"Bingo! never as a class

nor as of a college

but as individuals u ll miss a few ppl around!"